Introducing uniquely designed and ethically made silk scarves by Jennr.

Jennr scarves are made ethically from 100% Organic Peace Silk, manufactured in India. Peace silk is a type of silk produced from silk threads that have been extracted only once the silk worm has emerged from its cocoon as a fully formed moth. This is a much kinder method of silk production, because it allows the silk worm to complete its full life cycle. After the moth emerges from the cocoon, the silk threads are then collected by hand and woven into silk threads. This method of harvesting the silk is much more time consuming. However the silks produced are just as beautiful, if not more so, because they have been produced without causing harm to the silk worm. You can read more about how Peace Silk is manufactured here: https://lovejennr.com/peace-silk/


Jennr supports the view that greater transparency is needed in the fashion industry. Customers should know where their product comes from and how it has been produced, for instance. Not only does our silk manufacturer produce non-violent silk, they also provide ethical working conditions and support four NGO’s working for wild life conservation, disabled care and girl child education. You can read more about the company that provided the silk for our current collection here: https://www.aaeco.net/aboutus.htm

Design Inspiration

Our current collection is inspired by Ancient Japanese Prints and features original illustrations in gloriously pretty hues. To compliment our unique designs we selected a light-weight, satiny silk that is wonderfully soft, with a fantastic drape.

Presentation and Packaging

Each scarf is beautifully finished with machine rolled hems and hand sewn corners. Your scarf will be neatly presented in a box made from recycled card, the lid of the box is embossed with the Jennr logo.

View the collection of Ethically made Silk Scarves here: https://lovejennr.com/product-category/luxury-silk-scarves-ethically-made-from-non-violent-silk/



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