peace silk

What is Peace Silk?

How is silk made?

Commonly silk is produced by boiling the cocoon while the live silk worm is still inside. This method is widespread to meet the demands of the ‘fast fashion’ industry, where luxury silk scarves and accessories are as popular as ever. According to Peta, approximately 6,600 silk worms are killed just to make 1kg of silk (

What is Peace Silk?

Peace silk, (or Ahimsa silk, as it is also known) is produced after allowing the worm to emerge from its cocoon as a fully formed moth and thus complete its full life cycle. The silk threads are then collected from empty cocoons by hand and woven into silk threads.

How we use Peace Silk.

Lovejennr silk scarves are produced in small batches using peace silk produced in GOT certified mills in India.

This is not fast fashion! The manufacturing process is much slower and involves fair and ethical working conditions.

You can read more about the company that supply our peace silk here:

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